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Butterfly Hairstyles

You know what! What is the most precious ornament for women? Maybe you think it’s jewelry, but you are wrong. For women her hair is the most precious ornament because the beauty of a woman is not from her face, but her hair. Women always want her to can change her hairstyle every day, and she loves all hairstyles, but the butterfly hairstyle is one of the best and popular hairstyles for women.

Butterfly hairstyle is a protective hairstyle. This beautiful hairstyle is an attractive style for women and did not take more time to do, don’t need to more maintain.

Best Butterfly Hairstyle

Best Butterfly Hairstyle

Now! Are you thinking that you doesn’t have knowledge about butterfly hairdo and how to do it. So don’t worry we are share all information about butterfly hairdo.

You can butterfly hairdo with a long or medium hairdo. If you are a housewife, you can try a simple butterfly hairdo, you can go with a butterfly braid hairdo on occasion and party and you are office women or business women then you can do butterfly braid updo.

How to Do Butterfly Hairstyle At Home

First of all, to do butterfly hairstyle at home you need a comb, hair pin, elastic band.

Butterfly Hairstyle
  1. First make a ponytail, divided in the four parts and fix with clips all parts.
  2. Now, starts with a first part of hair and make it in the French braids style and remember you need a shape like butterfly, so you are using hair clip and fix all braids.
  3. remaining all three parts convert in braids and four part convert in main twom part ( right & left ).
  4. Start braiding the lower wing from the right side, but pay attention to getting involved in the braid more than the length of the hair. This way you will get the wing of a small butterfly. And same process doing in left side.
  5. Pass the upper wings tails under the lower ones, overlap it, and create butterfly body.
  6. Hide the tails under the wings and get your butterfly hairstyle.

Let’s see other butterfly hairstyle in detail below. Enjoy the photo gallery of butterfly style.

1. Butterfly Braid Updo Hairstyle

Butterfly Braid Updo Hairstyle

Butterfly braided updo is a very simple hairstyle. To get this style, devise your hair in four parts, start two braids of hair interlock with hair, and other twos braids interlocks as well the same, and you can get two braids at sides. Now you’re giving a shape butterfly with braids in your head(as you see in the photo), other strand wrapping with each other, and you get butterfly braid updo hairstyle.

2. Trending Butterfly Braid Hairdo

Trending Butterfly Braid

Trending butterfly braid hairstyle is not easy to do because it takes you more time and you can’t get the complete and perfect style. It’s easy to see but tough in working. To get this style keeping your braids thicker but you can try any length in ponytails. Try this hairstyle at home.

3. Curly Butterfly Braid Hairdo

Curly Butterfly Braid

If your hair is curly and you are fond of butterfly braid hairdo then see this style. in this style small braids with thick and long beautiful braids. This is an amazing butterfly hairdo and best for the holiday season.

4. Butterfly Braids With Cords

Butterfly braids with cords make a different style on you and, it’s a unique way to style butterfly hairstyle. In this style you can see butterfly braids made with a gold cord. Cord adding coolness in your hairstyle. You can use any color cords.

5. Butterfly Halo Braid Hairstyle

Butterfly Halo Braid

The butterfly halo braid is one of the most amazing butterfly hairstyles. It gives you a gorgeous and fabulous look on your face. You can see in photos braids are wrapping on the top on your head and you could have got butterfly halo braids. It’s also called crown braids. Also, you can color in your braids and get parties look.

6. Accessorize Butterfly Braids Hairstyle

Accessorize Butterfly Braids

If you want to experiment in a butterfly hairstyle then you can add accessories. These accessories adding beauty to your head. These braids do with thick hair and low bun hairstyle, adding accessories like hair scarf, hair band, and many more.

7. Long And Sleek Butterfly Braids

Long And Sleek Butterfly Braids

Long and sleek butterfly braids are a stylish hairstyle and feature your face in the best frame. This long butterfly hairstyle is a neat and clean style, easy way to wear, very low maintenance. You can wear this style in your office because it’s don’t take time to make.

8. Elegant Braid Butterfly Hairstyle

Elegant Braid Butterfly

If you are fond of a butterfly hairstyle and want to make an experiment in your style then an elegant braid butterfly hairstyle is best for you. Here, you can see in the photo, in the long braid you can use many types of hair stuff like rings, bands, cords, and cuffs. This is a perfect hairstyle for the bride in marriage.

9. Bold Butterfly Braids Hairstyle

Bold Butterfly Braids

Bold butterfly braids you can do, when you have longed and thick hair. To get this style, wear your hair in side part, convert both part in the braids. Both part found in each other, and going down to make one huge and long braids. This is a simple bold butterfly braid hairstyles.

10. Beautiful Blonde Butterfly Braids

Beautiful Blonde Butterfly Braids

Now, we have the last best beautiful butterfly style, and that’s a blonde butterfly hairstyle. The hair is a combination of warm and light blonde tones and styled in a chunky braid. The look ends with gold rings. She has a stunning hairstyle and the blonde really makes a statement. You can wear this style any season.

Here, we share how to make butterfly hairstyle at home & other important butterfly hairstyle that will help to increase your knowledge and help to do butterfly haircuts.

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